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Welcome to the ProgBlogs Directory

Date Added: February 25, 2008 06:26:57 PM
Author: admin
Finding information about different topics on the internet can be a harrowing experience.  Often, there are a lot of websites all with contradictory information.  For the person seeking to learn how to be a programmer or to improve their programming skills, this misinformation can spell the difference between being able to master the language or running into numerous errors until you give up.

Because information is now so easily accessible on the internet, it tends to be the first place we look when we run into a coding problem, or an error we're not sure of , or we forget some syntax.  There's a lot of wonderful information out there, tutorials, tips and tricks, and more. By knowing where to go, and what information you can trust, you can save yourself numerous hours of frustration and despair.

Regardless of whether you're a hobbyist or a professional programmer, if you document your work by blogging about it, your blog is welcome here, so feel free to add it to the list.  We will be employing a rigorous sifting process to keep the junk and spam out, and to make sure that the links you find here do indeed contribute something to your quest for knowledge.

We welcome suggestions and ideas, and look forward to growing this into a comprehensive and useful resource for you.


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