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Android vs Windows Apps

Date Added: January 10, 2012 11:00:05 AM
Author: Vishal Arora
Category: General Software Design and Development: Software Development
Android and Windows are two of the leading mobile operating systems in the world. Though Windows has been a steady player in the market for many years, Android development has taken the lead in mere three years time since its release. It is no surprise that a bulk of smartphone application development at present is based on Android. Most of the handsets launched in the market are running on Android due to its robust features. In the world of mobile development, Android developers are in demand and each and every day new app is being released to cater to various interest and needs of Android phone users. The popularity of Android can be credited to its strong yet flexible features and structure. It consists of a kernel based on the Linux kernel, with middleware, libraries and APIs written in C. It has a cult following among users who are rating it as one of the best operating systems ever. Advantages of Android over Windows • Windows Phone which is the successor Windows Mobile the previous mobile OS is still trying to establish grip over the market. Android on the other hand is the most popular mobile platform powering an estimated 43% of all the smartphones in the world. • Android is open source that allows mobile developers to easily access the source code and develop robust applications for the users. Windows lacks this flexibility and hence isn’t as popular among developers. • By sheer numbers, Android is miles ahead of Windows. There are over 30,000+ apps available for Android users and Windows is nowhere near it. The increased competition among mobile developers has improved the quality of Android apps to a great deal. • With Android apps you can access a host of Google products such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs etc. Though you can get compatible Windows apps you need to download and install to use them. • Most of the applications developed in Android are available free or at negligible prices which add to their advantage. In case of Windows, most apps need to be purchased before one can use them. If you are looking for mobile development and have to choose between Android and Windows, it would be a wiser choice to opt for Android even though Windows Phone is an amazing platform. You would and need the services of a good smartphone application development company for your endeavor. Evon Technologies, India would perfectly fit into the slot as it has been a trendsetter when it comes to Android development. The company also caters to the needs of other mobile development platforms such as iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows.


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